Communication Analysis & Practice (CAP)


Communication Analysis and Practice (CAP) offers a broad-based education in communication combined with the flexibility to pursue your specific area of interest. This option provides you the opportunity to cluster electives and concentrate in a particular focus area within the communication field. Within the framework of communication and society, students can specialize in different areas including mass media effects; interpersonal communication processes; communication for advocacy and politics; and health, science, and risk communication. Courses in CAP emphasize the analysis of different types of data, messages and communication practices.


CAP Major Curriculum Sheet [pdf] (for students admitted to major Summer 2012 or later)

General Education Requirements [pdf]

Additional Information

The broad array of offerings in CAP includes four thematic clusters, provided to offer students some direction in course selection:

  • Mass Media Effects provides students with a broad understanding of the roles mass media play in society. In addition, students will be trained in various research techniques for analyzing audiences and media effects.
  • Communication for Advocacy and Politics focuses on the roles of mass and interpersonal communication in public opinion, politics, and public affairs and how these processes can bring about social change.
  • Interpersonal Communication Processes provides students with a broad understanding of human communication in across various contexts and groups and helps students acquire effective communication skills to be successful in interpersonal contexts.
  • Health, Science, and Risk Communication focuses on communication and persuasion in health, scientific, and risk contexts. Students will gain an understanding of how best to convey these types of messages to the public.

Students are not restricted to courses within a single thematic cluster, but encouraged to choose courses from within and between clusters to fit their career goals. To reinforce the fit between coursework and real-world applications and to improve career opportunities, students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship, along with a minor in one of the following areas: Political Science, Psychology, International Studies, Legal Foundations of Society, or Sociology. The Communication Analysis and Practice program offers excellent preparation for graduate school or law school, or a career as a communication specialist in a health or political organization.

CAP students will take courses that emphasize the following

  • The study of mass media as social, cultural, and political institutions
  • The relationship of mass communication to public opinion, political, and health communication
  • Various methods used to study opinions and behaviors

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