Internship FAQ's

Why should I participate in an internship?

Students can receive academic credit for a variety of internship experiences. Internships are critical components in a well-rounded academic study of communication. In addition to providing opportunities to apply concepts and theories outside of the classroom, internships can also provide valuable opportunities to enhance a student's marketability in the professional world. Students from universities across the country are participating in multiple internship opportunities during their academic career in order to make themselves more attractive as job candidates. Students who want to be successful in the competitive job market should view internships as a critical part of their education.

Do I have to be paid for an internship?

Internships can be paid or unpaid opportunities. Both experiences are eligible to receive academic credit through COMM 4191. Students should decide what objectives they want to pursue when deciding to explore internship options. Are you interested in exploring a new area of interest? Are you interested in gaining particular skills for your resume? Is networking a prime goal? Consider some of these questions before actively seeking an internship. Most internship opportunities are unadvertised and students have taken the initiative to reach out to intern hosts and devised their own unique internship experiences. If you are considering an unpaid internship, you should familiarize yourself with Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines.

How can I find or create an internship?

The Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success provides multiple resources for students in preparing resumes, registering for Handshake (a portal for students to connect with internship and job opportunities), and learning about additional opportunities. Finally, web pages of various professional groups such as the Public Relations Society of America and the Society for Professional Journalists often provide postings of available internships.

Because of the university's location in the state capital, there are countless options to explore for internships. State and local government can be excellent placements for students interested in observing or learning about public affairs. Numerous professional organizations and trade groups are located here, as well. Hundreds of nonprofits in Columbus regularly welcome the contributions that Ohio State students can provide. Dozens of area media outlets, healthcare establishments and strategic communication firms are internship possibilities for our students. And because Ohio State is involved in dynamic work and research in every conceivable area, our own departments and organizations provide rich opportunities for our students interested in pursuing communication internships.

How do I get credit for my internship?

COMM 4191 is the School of Communication's internship for credit course. Students completing communication or journalism internships are eligible to apply to receive academic credit for their internship experience. Students are required to apply for credit by the first Friday of the semester in which they are completing the internship. In addition, students must be enrolled in COMM 4191 while completing the internship. Credit is not available after the internship is complete. For additional information about the COMM 4191 application process, please click here.

How can I get some more ideas about internships?

Communication plays a vital role in every enterprise. You may already be working or volunteering in a setting that could provide a unique internship experience. How do the communication patterns work in that setting? What interpersonal communication theories are at work? How could they be improved? Would a brochure or training for new employees be helpful? Could you produce or enhance a newsletter or web page? Is there a special event coming up? Could you devise a strategic communication plan to help increase awareness in the community or within special populations? Can you collect clippings or other portfolio materials? Start with what you know first and think about all of the possibilities for studying communication. Then start thinking about your interests.

As an employer, how can I post an internship opportunity?

The School of Communication is fortunate to have a strong relationship with some of the foremost businesses across central Ohio, which provide amazing internship opportunities for our students. We are grateful to professionals from all participating organizations who supervise and host interns, playing a valuable role in the education of our students.

Be sure to check out our information about how to post a position. Upon review and approval by career services staff, you will receive a confirmation email and your opportunity will be viewable to students.