The School of Communication at The Ohio State University actively encourages students to explore internship opportunities as a critical component to a well-rounded study of communication and journalism. Internships allow students to gain valuable skills and experiences in the professional world, and allow students to apply in-classroom experiences to real-world settings. Completion of at least one or two internship experiences can increase students' marketability when searching for a full-time position after graduation.

Students can earn academic credit for communication or news-related experiences. Students from the School of Communication intern at a wide variety of businesses and organizations, including media outlets (news stations, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc.); sports organizations; healthcare establishments; non-profit organizations; PR and/or marketing firms; political groups/organizations; local businesses; and The Ohio State University. The private, public and nonprofit sectors have warmly embraced OSU interns and helped provide valuable guidance and expertise. These intern employers and hosts play a critical role in the education of our students.

This is an exciting time for those considering the field of communication. Students are encouraged to explore internship opportunities that will help augment their studies and provide valuable experience.