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Communication Research Experience Program (C-REP)

What is it?

  • A shared resource available to researchers affiliated with the School of Communication. 
  • C-REP provides access to a large pool of undergraduate research participants. Participation in C-REP is required for students enrolled in our introductory courses (Comm 1100 and 1101) and optional for other courses.
  • Requests for access to this pool are accepted each semester—Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • Studies are posted using Sona, a research management system.

Why do this?

  • For researchers and instructors, C-REP provides an efficient mechanism for managing study participants.  Many researchers at the School rely on experimental methods to conduct their research. C-REP provides a formal structure for requesting, allocating, and tracking study completions, and for notifying instructors of when their students have participated in research.
  • For students, C-REP provides an important opportunity to participate in and learn about the production of scientific knowledge. Research is a core part of the School of Communication, and undergraduates benefit from knowing more about what else their instructors do.

Undergraduate students who are participating in C-REP can get more information about it here. 

Faculty and graduate students can find more detailed information about the program, including program documentation, application materials, and policies documents, on the Comm Research Carmen site.