Our Graduates


Graduate Placements since 2013

This list includes either first position or current position, depending on available information.



  • Kathryn Coduto, Assistant Professor—South Dakota State University
  • Jacob Long, Assistant Professor—University of South Carolina 
  • Kara Rader, Health Communication Fellow—National Cancer Institute, NIH
  • Daniel Sude, Post-Doctoral Research Associate—Tel Aviv University
  • Naomi Tan, Post-Doctoral Resarch Associate—MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Sarah Thomas, Post-Doctoral Research Associate—Washington University in St. Louis


  • Lorraine Borghetti, Post-Doctoral Research Associate—Air Force Research Lab
  • Emily Davidson, Senior Lecturer—The Ohio State University 
  • Jessica Frampton, Senior Lecturer—The Ohio State University
  • Alexander Hedstrom, Data Scientist—Verizon Wireless
  • Kilhoe Miranda Na, Assistant Professor—Merrimack College
  • George Pearson, Senior Lecturer—The Ohio State University
  • Nicholas Polavin, Jury Consultant—Litigation Insights
  • Nathan Silver, Research Manager—Legacy Foundation
  • Megan Vendemia, Assistant Professor—Chapman University
  • Shan Xu, Assistant Professor—Texas Tech University


  • Golnoosh Behrouzian, Research Associate—The Ohio State University
  • Kathryn Cooper, Assistant Professor—University of Wyoming
  • Aysenur Dal, Assistant Professor—Bilkent University
  • Patrick Fries, Senior Team Member Insights Consultant, Whole Foods Market


  • Melissa Abo, Senior Lecturer—The Ohio State University
  • Courtney Anderegg, Assistant Professor—George Fox University
  • Bethany Barker, Senior Lecturer—The Ohio State University
  • David Clementson, Assistant Professor—University of Georgia 
  • Phokeng Dailey, Assistant Professor—Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Morgan Iommi, Associate Director for Teaching and Learning—New Mexico State University
  • Matthew Irwin, Data Science Consultant—Nationwide Insurance
  • Melissa Robinson, Instructor—Slippery Rock University
  • Tiffany White, Lecturer—University of Georgia


  • Katheryn Christy, Assistant Professor—University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Ted Dickinson, Data Scientist—Prevedere Inc.
  • Kelly Dillon, Assistant Professor—Wittenberg University
  • Elizabeth Finn, Assistant Professor—Ocean City College
  • Michael Hanus, Assistant Professor—University of Nebraska
  • Young Shin Lim, Assistant Professor—University of Amsterdam
  • Rachel Neo, Assistant Professor—University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Bridget Potocki, Assistant Professor—Western Illinois University
  • Rachel Ralston, Senior Associate—LeSar Development Consultants
  • Wai Yen Tang, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant—University of Münster
  • Mao Vang-Corne, Associate Lead User Researcher—IBM iX


  • Carlos Cruz, Assistant Professor—Northampton Community College
  • Katherine Dale, Assistant Professor—Florida State University
  • Morgan Ellithorpe, Assistant Professor—University of Delaware
  • Ji Young Lee, Assistant Professor—West Virginia University
  • Robert Lull, Assistant Professor—California State University, Fresno
  • Uttara Manohar, Assistant Professor—University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse
  • Angela Palmer-Wackerly, Assistant Professor—University of Nebraska
  • Jason Peifer, Assistant Professor—Indiana University
  • Margaret Rooney, Research Manager—Huntington National Bank
  • Hyunjin Song, Assistant Professor—University of Vienna
  • Wen Song, Assistant Professor—Sichuan University
  • John Tchernev, Assistant Professor—Miami University
  • Jennifer Tyrawski, Health Communications Specialist—National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, CDC


  • Sean Garguilo, Marketing Analyst—JP Morgan Chase
  • Benjamin Johnson, Assistant Professor—University of Florida
  • Elizabeth Jones, Assistant Professor—Asbury University
  • Katey Price, Assistant Professor—Albion College
  • Tyler Solloway, Director, Marketing Science—Lieberman Research Worldwide
  • John Velez, Assistant Professor—Indiana University
  • Brian Weeks, Assistant Professor—University of Michigan
  • Laura Willis, Assistant Professor—Quinnipiac University


  • Sarah Brookes, Assistant Professor—State University of New York Geneseo
  • Adrienne Chung, Senior Research Manager—Kaiser Family Foundation
  • James Collier, Visiting Professor—Denison University
  • Megan Hill, Assistant Professor—Albion College
  • Steven Kleinman, Assistant Professor—Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Jayeon Lee, Assistant Professor—Lehigh University
  • Alyssa Morey, Assistant Professor—University at Albany
  • Andrea Quenette, Assistant Professor—Indiana University East
  • Eric Rasmussen, Associate Professor—Texas Tech University
  • Elizabeth Stoycheff, Associate Professor—Wayne State University