Certificate Programs

The School of Communication offers two undergraduate certificate programs for currently enrolled, degree seeking undergraduate students.  Interested students just need to review the advising sheets for the particular certificate program they are most interested in and complete the required courses as prescribed.  Submission of the certificate application can be completed with their major academic advisor and sent to comm@osu.edu for certificate designation. 

The Health Communication certificate program is designed for undergraduate students interested in pursuing post-baccalaureate careers or graduate education in health-related sectors and will provide an official designation of academic training in the area of health communication. The Health Communication certificate program provides a comprehensive education on all aspects of health communication, including a focus on health message design, media campaign planning, and interpersonal communication in healthcare settings. Courses in the certificate program will equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge, which will enable them to effectively communicate to promote health and provide high quality healthcare.

Upon completion of the Health Communication certificate, students will be prepared to:

1) Identify and apply health communication theories and concepts to the design and execution of health communication messages for diverse audiences.

2) Evaluate health communication messages and interventions through the integration of communication knowledge and practice.

3) Demonstrate interpersonal communication competency across varying modalities and healthcare settings.


The Science and Environmental Communication certificate program educates students on the theory and practice of communicating about scientific, environmental, and/or sustainability topics and issues. It aims to provide an opportunity for developing lifelong professional communication skills and highlights the interdisciplinary social-behavioral, educational, and psychological dimensions of science and environmental communication. The certificate program is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students within STEM, environmental science, and sustainability fields of study for the communication knowledge and skills necessary to be successful professionals and leaders. 

Upon completion of the Science and Environmental Communication certificate, students will be prepared to:

1) Identify and apply communication theories to the design, execution, and evaluation of effective communication about science, environmental, and sustainability topics to organizational stakeholders and the general public.

2) Demonstrate the ability to engage in clear, persuasive, and professional strategic communication about science, the environment, and sustainability across a range of modalities (i.e. written, spoken, online, etc.,) and team, organizational, and public settings.

3) Enhance the ability to solve problems within science, environment, and sustainability fields through the interdisciplinary integration of communication knowledge and practice.



If you have questions about our certificate programs or the courses required, please contact comm@osu.edu