Hillary Shulman

Hillary Shulman

Hillary Shulman

Associate Professor


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B.S., Communication Science, University of Wisconsin at Madison
M.A. & Ph.D., Communication, Michigan State University


COMM 1100: Communication & Society
COMM 2321: Writing for Strategic Communication
COMM 2850: Media and Citizenship
COMM 3620: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3624: Communication in Personal Relationships
COMM 4337: Public Communication Campaigns
COMM 4635: Communication Dynamics in Groups
COMM 7790: Statistical Applications in Communication II

Research Areas

Political Communication, Science Communication, Social Cognition, Social Influence

Research Overview

My research is broadly interested in how communication can be used to increase engagement with complex subjects including politics, science, and health, particularly in groups that are underrepresented in these areas. My work uses several different theoretical and methodological approaches in an effort to understand 1) why some people become engaged while others do not, and 2) whether there is a way to overcome structural barriers to participation via communication and message design.