New Media & Communication Technology (COT)

New Media and Communication Technology (COT) explores the way technology is transforming the field of communication. This interdisciplinary major integrates course work from communication, computer science, design, psychology, and business to help you understand interactive technology, evaluate the user experience, and communicate with users from varying levels of technical proficiency.

Students in this program will learn to assess the needs of the end user by employing quantitative and qualitative research techniques, and communication and design principles that will allow students to design multimedia and online content systems.


COT Major Curriculum Sheet [pdf] (for students admitted to major Summer 2012 or later)

General Education Requirements [pdf]

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Additional Information

Students in this major choose one of two tracks to pursue:

The Human-Computer Interaction track focuses on how people use technology and the social implications of new technologies. You will be able to apply your understanding of how people process information, make decisions, and communicate in order to improve the design of interactive technologies.

The Communication Technology Management track teaches you how to help others use technology effectively in the workplace. You will be able to employ your knowledge of technology and communication to act as a liaison between leadership and technical workers in a corporate setting.

To develop specialized and advanced skills, students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship along with a minor in one of the following areas: computer and information science, cognitive science, design, or business.

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