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Felecia Ross

Felecia Ross

Felecia Ross

Associate Professor


(614) 292-3798


B.A., Hampton University
M.A., Syracuse University
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Quick Introduction

Mass media and traditionally discriminated groups, especially history of the black press.


I grew up during the 1960s, reading and watching news reports of assassinations, the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. The excitement of these reports inspired me to pursue a career in journalism. I believe the style of journalism practiced in the 1960s prompted changes in the society that we're now enjoying. But my respect of how journalism can make a difference has grown through my research of the Black press. The issues that have been highlighted in mainstream media had already been revealed in Black media.

Over the many years that I’ve been at Ohio State, my teaching specialties have included basic news writing, introduction to mass communication, journalism history and issues concerning the relationship between the mass media and traditionally discriminated groups. In more recent years, I’ve taught strategic communication writing, crime and news, and stereotypes in the media. I want my students to leave my classes with the enthusiasm I felt during the '60s journalism, and for them to use their craft to make a positive difference to our society.

I've always had an interest in exploring the relationship between the mass media and traditionally discriminated groups. These are the people who have been oppressed because of race, gender, age, sexual orientation and physical ability. Most of my research has focused on the history of the Black press. I've also explored the way journalism programs have trained students on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

My personal life revolves around my husband, Bill, and our daughter, Alicia. We don't go out very often. Whenever I get a chance, I Jazzercise. I also enjoy watching television and reading or listening to "non-intellectual" books.