Erik Nisbet

Associate Professor

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B.A., Government/International Relations, Cornell University
M.S., Communication, Cornell University
Ph.D., Communication, Cornell University; Graduate Minor: Comparative Politics

Research Affiliations:

The Mershon Center for International Security Studies at the Ohio State University

The Communication, Opinion, and Political Studies Group at the Ohio State University

Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University

The Human Dimensions of the Environment Research Group at the Ohio State University

Courses Taught:

Communication in Society
Strategic Communication Principles
Science Communication
International Communication
Mass Communication and Social Systems (graduate)
Comparative Political & Mass Communication (graduate)
Political Communication (graduate)

Research Interests:

Broadly, my research interests focus on three substantive areas: a) media and international affairs - mostly in terms of American-Islamic relations, b) media and comparative democratization - primarily in Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and c) and science & environmental communication

My research agenda centers around three sets of theoretical questions exploring a) how contextual and individual factors interact to influence communication and processes of opinion formation and b) the relationship between social identity and/or value orientations, processes of communication, and consequences for public opinion c) framing effects and individual differences. I employ a range of quantitative methodologies, including survey research, experimental designs, content analysis, and secondary data analysis.


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