Undergraduate Students Participate in Denman Research Forum

April 2, 2017

Undergraduate Students Participate in Denman Research Forum

Denman Forum

Undergraduate students from The Ohio State University School of Communication participated in the annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum on March 29. 

Students Srisivaa Karri and Jonathan Schulman presented an abstract entitled 'Exploring selection of attitude consistent media online and in print.' The study explored the phenomena of an "echo chamber," in which individuals only expose themselves to content they agree with, avoiding contact with opposing viewpoints. Most studies that have researched this in the past only looked at online information, but this study placed equal emphasis on online and print media in order to analyze an "echo chamber" effect amongst liberals and conservatives across both platforms. The adviser of this project was Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick. 

Travis Filicky at Denman

Sarah Mikati presented an abstract entitled 'November 13: A Turning Point for French Citizens of Maghribi Descent?' While studying abroad in France, Mikati examined how the November 13 terrorist attacks impacted the lives and identities of French Maghribis. The attacks ignited a crisis over what it means to be French, and Mikati's research is applicable to broader issues faced by democratic countries worldwide, and is of particular interest to Americans with the commencement of a new presidency and a heightened public discourse regarding Islam and multiculturalism. 

Travis Filicky presented his abstract entitled 'Presentations of Terrorism in U.S. Media.' He was advised by Robert Bond and Hillary Deandrea.

The Denman Forum is the largest student research presentation at Ohio State. This year, there were over 650 participants presenting projects across fields at the university.