Research Shows A Link Between Narcissism, Aggression

June 2, 2021

Research Shows A Link Between Narcissism, Aggression

Sophie Kjærvik

A study conducted by graduate student Sophie Kjærvik and Professor Brad Bushman found that narcissism is an important risk factor for both aggression and violence. 

Narcissism was related to all forms of aggression according to their research, including physical, verbal, bullying, direct or indirect, and displaced onto innocent targets.

“The link we found between narcissism and aggression was significant – it was not trivial in size,” Kjærvik said. “The findings have important real-world implications.”

Kjærvik and Bushman’s findings were published in The Conversation.

The researchers combined and analyzed data from 437 independent studies with a total of 123,043 participants to provide a comprehensive view of this research area. 

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