Luong Published in Two Academic Journals

July 28, 2019
Kate T. Luong

PhD student Kate Luong has been published in two academic journals, Communication Monographs and Science Communication.

Her study published in Communication Monographs was co-authored by Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick and Stefan Niewiesk, entitled "Superstars within reach: The role of perceived attainability and role congruity in media role models on women's social comparisons." In their experiment, the researchers studied social comparison and role congruity theory. Read the full article in Communication Monographs.

In her second article, Luong wrote "Promoting Persuasion With Ideologically Tailored Science Messages: A novel Approach to Research on Emphasis Framing" with Kelly Garrett and Michael Slater. In their study, they conducted an experiment examining emphasis framing and persuasive effects. Read the full article in Science Communication.