eTravel Instructions

School of Communication Travel Guidelines

  • If this business travel is funded entirely by another organization, please complete only the business leave form at
  • If any or all of the travel is funded by any OSU funding source, please login to and follow the instructions below:
  1. Press New (Create a new Travel Request)
  2. Clearly state Business Purpose of Trip (e.g. present at National Communication Association annual conference).  Clearly state role if attending a conference (i.e. presenting own paper, grad student presenting paper, poster session, officer, panel presenter, etc.)
  3. Describe Funding Source(s) (School, faculty research funds, grant funds, etc.)
  4. Enter Departure and Return dates and times
  5. Enter Departure and Destination cities
  6. Enter estimated costs of trip (press + button to add items such as transportation, lodging, and registration). 
  7. All airfare must be prepaid directly by the university.  You will not be reimbursed if you purchase the air ticket yourself.  If driving to destination, only the cost of mileage equal to or less than the least expensive airfare may be reimbursed.  Select Transportation category and type.  For airfare, select Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) as the travel agency.  

    If you have not yet created a CTP profile, go to and click on Book Travel Online and login using OSU login. Click on Profile in upper right hand corner, and enter required information.  In Setup Travel Assistants, add both and as travel assistants and check box “Can book travel for me”.  If faculty or staff, also check box that Michelle Janney “Is my primary assistant for travel”.  If graduate student, also check box that Dorian Johnson “is my primary assistant for travel”.

    If you plan to add personal travel to business trips (i.e. add more than one day before and after business dates), enter your personal credit card information so that difference in cost between business and personal travel can be charged to your personal credit card.  Otherwise, your travel must only include one day of travel before and after conference or other business dates.

    Go to to and click on Book Travel Online to create travel itinerary.  Once you have selected the preferred itinerary, answer the question "How would you like to Pay" by selecting the dropdown item (1) for university travel and (2) for OSP travel, click Reserve and then Hold to save the itinerary, safe a pdf of the preferred itenerary, exit from the Concur system, and attach the preferred itenerary and enter the airfare Amount in the eTravel request.  Once the eTravel is approved, Michelle Janney or Dorian Johnson will complete the ticket purchase.


  8. Enter Third Party Payment information if part of the trip will be funded by another organization.
  9. Travel Chartfield Details – LEAVE BLANK FOR OFFICE STAFF ENTRY
  10. Save the travel request, then attach documentation (+Add) of presentation at conference (name listed on program, e-mail notifying of presentation, etc.) or other business activity.
  11. In the Comments box, enter information about how your teaching and/or other duties will be covered in your absence.  Once comments are completed, press Add Comment.
  12. In Notification Email box, enter if you are faculty or staff, or if you are a graduate student.  Press Save and Send Email.  This e-mail will inform Michelle Janney or Dorian Johnson that you have entered a travel request and will provide them with a link to the request.  Michelle, Dorian and/or other office staff will contact you if additional information is neededYou will be notified when the travel request is approved.  If you do not receive notification of approval within a few days of sending the notification, please email Michelle directly at or Dorian Johnson at to inquire about the travel.  Reimbursement for travel expenses cannot be processed if the travel wasn’t approved before the trip began.

OSU Travel Policy

School Travel Policy School of Communication Travel Policy FY19.pdf

Reimbursement Request Instructions

To request reimbursement once the trip is completed, fill out the Travel Reimbursement Worksheet at travel_reimbursement_form.pdf and submit the worksheet along with original itemized receipts with proof of payment to Michelle Janney (.4) in 3016 Derby Hall if you are faculty or staff, or to Dorian Johnson (.7185) in 3033 Derby Hall if you are a graduate student.  Receipts are not needed for meals (per diem) or mileage.