Andrew F. Hayes

Affiliated Faculty

Professor, Department of Psychology

Ph.D. Cornell University

Andrew F. Hayes is a Professor of Psychology and Professor of Communication.  His primary research interests revolve around linear regression analysis and structural equation modeling. Recently, this research has focused on the estimation and interpretation of intervening variable models ("mediation analysis") and models with interaction effects ("moderation analysis"), as well as their combination ("conditional process modeling"). He is also deeply interested in computationally-intensive statistical methods for inference, such as bootstrapping and randomization tests, and facilitating their implementation and use in popularly-used statistical software.  His research and writing on data analysis has been published in such journals as Psychological Methods, Multivariate Behavioral Research, Behavior Research Methods, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, Psychological Science, Human Communication Research, Communication Methods and Measures, and Communication Monographs, among others.   He is the author of Regression Analysis and Linear Models (2017) and Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis (2013), both published by The Guilford Press, as well as Statistical Methods for Communication Science (2005), published by Routledge.  He co-edited the Sage Sourcebook of Advanced Data Analysis Methods for Communication Science, and was one of the founding editors of Communication Methods and Measures, serving first as associate editor and then editor-in-chief between 2007 to 2015.  He also invented the PROCESS macro for SPSS and SAS, widely used by researchers examining the mechanisms and contingencies of effects.  He teaches data analysis primarily at the graduate level and frequently conducts workshops on statistical analysis throughout the world.