Summer Internship Series: Janaya Greene

July 25, 2016
Janaya Greene

Public Affairs Journalism Major, Editorial Fellow, VICE Media

This summer I’m working at VICE Media in Brooklyn, New York. I, and another young writer, are the first ever Center for Communication and Vice Media Editorial Fellows. When I was first informed that I had been selected to work at VICE Media this summer, I didn’t know what to expect. VICE Media is a company that I have admired for years. Their writing is always from unique perspectives and I truly believe the company is creating strides in the media industry. I also watch their television network, Viceland, nonstop, so working alongside the most talented and innovative writers in the journalism industry was a dream.

A dream come true
Now that I am here, it is nothing less than what I had hoped for. At VICE Media, I am working in the department. Many of my day-to-day tasks include embedding stories in Vice’s content management system, transcribing interviews that I complete, as well as interviews from VICE writers all over the world, researching and pitching fun topics to write for the site, and bringing all of those ideas to life.

New city, new experience
At the start of this internship I wasn’t only getting adjusted to working at VICE, I was also getting adjusted to living in a new city. As a Chicago-native, most big cities somewhat feel like home, but the many boroughs, subway trains, and vastly beautiful, yet unique neighborhoods, made getting comfortable in the city a bit difficult at first. I’m still learning the New York metropolitan area, and I still get lostvery oftenbut I love losing myself in this city every time.

Looking ahead
As I hit the midway point of my internship, I’m focusing more on my own writing and what I can contribute to the website. I primarily write for The Vice Guide to Right Now column at Vice. These posts are fun, lighthearted, and spread information quickly. Writing for this column has helped me write quicker with much more conciseness. It also has helped me develop more of a voice in my writing. As I finish the second half of my fellowship, I hope to have more long-form articles posted on the website. I’m in the process of working on a few now and I am looking forward to finishing them for the site.

Living in New York City is unpredictable and exciting, just as all of the cheesy movies say, and so is working at VICE. I constantly feel challenged to learn new things and to find new ways to improve my writing. It’s an honor to work with people who are just as interested in my ideas as I am. As I approach the end of my internship I hope cultivate my fearlessness and challenge myself in every way.

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