Kraft Published In The Conversation

June 24, 2021

Kraft Published In The Conversation

Nicole Kraft headshot

Associate Professor – Clinical Dr. Nicole Kraft's article entitled, “Sports writers could ditch the ‘clown questions’ and do better when it comes to press conferences” was recently published in The Conversation.

Her article discusses the problematic nature surrounding sports journalist’s often ill-conceived questions and provides suggestions on how to do better. 

Kraft said she understands the discomfort many sports journalists and players may feel during a press conference. “As an Associated Press sportswriter, I also feel uncomfortable in nearly every press conference I cover, worried I will ask a question others perceive as superfluous or uninformed, and sometimes cringing at questions I hear from others,” she writes.

Kraft’s academic background allows her to understand how to formulate good interview questions.

She said in the article, “If sports reporters better researched games and subjects, they could ask questions that focused on more than just a single moment in time.”

Read more of Kraft’s suggestions on how to ask professional press conference questions.