How an Internship Can Fall Into Your Lap

August 28, 2017
Devin Getz

Devin Getz 

Entertainment Publicity Intern 

DKC Los Angeles 

Throughout my collegiate career, I faced the same struggle most students face in deciding which career path I would want to pursue for the rest of my life. I struggled during my first two years, switching my major four times until I finally decided to pursue strategic communication this past fall.

During the spring semester, I was chosen to travel to New York City with OSU’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter to tour numerous public relations agencies. At this point, I still didn’t realize how beneficial this trip would be or what public relations really was. The first agency we toured was DKC Public Relations and they completely blew my mind with the amount of clients they had, including AIRBNB, Delta Airlines, and many more.

 Once our tours were over, we had a mixer to interact further with the professionals we met at the different agencies and I could not wait to speak with Liz Sharkey from DKC, who happened to be an OSU alumna. We spoke for around 40 minutes about her day-to-day jobs, which led to the entertainment division out in Los Angeles. This ultimately led to her recommending me to the LA office for a summer internship where I ended up being hired. If I did not put myself out there and network with someone I met, I may not have found myself such a great opportunity.

The Best Summer of My Life

Throughout my two months working at DKC, I did tasks that full time employees get to work on. I made face sheets, clippings and found information about reporters through numerous databases using software such as Muckrack and Cision. I learned how important formatting is and how difficult it can be to complete tasks in the short time frame a client gives you while making sure you triple check all of the work I do or it could reflect on the whole company. I saw the things I worked on go directly to the client and the general public. I worked on things that were a secret to the general public, which is an amazing opportunity for an intern.

 I worked the BET awards where I interacted with over 500 reporters from across the world. I staffed a press event for a new Amazon series starring Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, where I met them and helped check in the reporters from major outlets such as Rotten Tomatoes,, and many more. I attended a movie premiere at the AMC theatre where I learned the behind the scenes process for how these events come together. Ultimately, I learned so much about the entertainment industry as well as the public relations field and I will always be thankful that I put myself out there and networked with a professional because it led to the best summer of my life!