Graduate Students Celebrate at Annual Comm Day

April 26, 2017
graduate students

On April 21, School of Communication graduate students gathered for the annual Comm Day Graduate Student Celebration. The graduate students voted to select Miriam Metzger, PhD, from University of California Santa Barbara as the event's guest speaker. Dr. Metzger spoke about fake news.

Four graduate students were honored at the celebration. Simon Lavis, PhD, received the Grad Mentor of the Year award, which was decided by the graduate students and given by the Graduate Student Organization. Kate T. Luong received the Walter B. Emery Scholarship, an award designated for pre-candidacy PhD students. Shan Xu received the Doris Gildea Morgan Scholarship, which is an award given to a student entering their last year in the PhD program. Megan Vendemia received the Albert Warren Scholarship for teaching excellence by a graduate student. The three scholarship recipients were determined by the Graduate Studies Committee after student and adviser nominations. 

In addition to the graduate student awards, Dr. Michael Slater was voted Faculty Mentor of the Year by the graduate students.