BASCA Travels to Atlanta

April 15, 2019
BASCA visits HLN in Atlanta

The Black Advertising and Strategic Communication Association traveled to Atlanta in February for a professional development trip. Sixteen students went on the trip, touring news agencies HLN and CNN, and Jackson Spaulding, a marketing communications agency offering services in branding, advertising and public relations.

“One of the main goals of BASCA is to help the members feel prepared as we leave school and enter the workforce, so networking with professionals and getting an idea of what to expect on our job search later was the main purpose,” said the Vice President of BASCA Naomi Baker.

BASCA visits CNN in Atlanta

Another main benefit of the trip is the ability for students to broaden their network and make connections in a major city.

“We were able to give business cards to these professionals and connect on LinkedIn, so now the group knows so many more people that could help them get a job post-grad,” Baker said.

BASCA is a partnership between students, faculty and professionals intended to develop and prepare students on color for careers in advertising, public relations and marketing. Professor Osei Appiah serves as BASCA’s faculty advisor and went on the trip with the students.

BASCA in Atlanta