Undergraduate Student Researchers Honored

April 1, 2016
Student Researchers Erin Gottsacker and Travis Filicky

Two undergraduate School of Communication students won third place in the Social and Behavioral Sciences category at the 2016 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum March 30. Erin Gottsacker, second year double major in Journalism and International Studies, and Travis Filicky, a third year Strategic Communication major, placed for their research on "Entertainment Values in American Satire and Regular News Broadcasts” (see PDF icon abstract [pdf]).

Seeing the evolution of the traditional evening network news format and the growth of satirical programs, the students researched the extent to which entertainment values such as dramatic framing, audio-visual elements and audience interaction were used in various satire, network and cable news broadcasts.

Student ressearchers present researcharchers present research

The students were advised by Silvia Knoblock-Westerwick and Simon Lavis.

Yilu Sun, a double major in communication and economics advised by Joyce Wang, presented her research in progress "A quantum model of the effect of information presentation order on perceived risks." The project recently won an OSU Research Scholar Award ($1,000) and an Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship ($1,500).

School of Communication Director Dan McDonald also advised student John Renner, who researched “Predicting investor decisions through Twitter.”

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum provides a competitively judged arena for undergraduates to showcase their research projects and creative works with the university community.  The Denman Forum is appropriate for undergraduates who: (1) are in the latter or final stages of a research or creative project, (2) have at least preliminary results to report, and/or (3) are ready to publicly present their research or creative project in a juried setting. View all 2016 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum winners.


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