New Hires

Olga Kamenchuk

Olga Kamenchuk: Associate Professor Clinical 
Olga Kamenchuk, a visiting assistant professor of strategic and political communication, will move into a new role as an associate professor-clinical in the School of Communication. Kamenchuk brings extensive professional experience conducting audience research for offices of:

- World Bank
- Eurasian Monitor
- The United National Development Program
Economist Magazine

She will teach Industry Research Methods and help support student expertise in audience research. Kamenchuk's research interests include political psychology, public diplomacy, international communication, public opinion and post-communist politics. She received her education in Austria, Russia and the United States. She received her PhD at Utah State University in 2004 with a focus on Intercultural Communication.

Matthew Gizzard

Matthew Grizzard: Assistant Professor 
Matthew Grizzard will be joining the Ohio State University School of Communication this upcoming fall. Dr. Grizzard received his PhD in Communication from Michigan State University and currently serves as an assistant professor at the University of Buffalo Department of Communication. 

Grizzard will serve as an assistant professor in the School of Communication. Grizzard's research currently focuses on examining the cognitive, emotional and psychobiological effects of media entertainment and how it exploits evolutionarily-derived psychological processes to determine viewers' responses to media messages.