TESoC Committee Policies

Time-sharing Experiments for the School of Communication (TESoC)

Research Committee policies

Research Committee responsibilities

TESoC is managed by the School of Communication Research Committee.  The goal, however, is to ensure that the burden placed on committee members is modest.  The following points illustrate the committee’s obligations in regards to TESoC.

  • Ensure that current documentation describing TESoC is available on the School’s website.
  • Set application deadlines for the start of the Autumn and Spring semesters
  • Communicate application deadlines to the faculty and doctoral students in a timeline way.  The target should be at least one month notice, though lead time may be lower in the first year.
  • Review applications twice a year, within one month of receipt.  Outcomes include: approve, revise and resubmit, or reject.
  •  Notify applicants of application outcome.  If a project is approved, the Research Committee will also notify the awardee of the Qualtrics Panel Project Manager, who will help field the study.
  • Review and maintain a record of completion reports.
  • Track yearly and total awards made and participants committed.  See budget for yearly allocation limits.
  • Track yearly and total participants actually run (based on communication from panel provider)
  • Note that only researchers using TESoC are required to obtain IRB approval.  TESoC does not require its own IRB approval, as it is effectively a payment mechanism; the research committee has not contact with human subjects.  Verbal confirmation of this was provided by Michael Donovan on 12/13/13.

One representative of the Research Committee should be selected to coordinate with Qualtrics Panel. This individual will be responsible for notifying the company of awardee contact information, number of participants approved, length of study, number of wave, and incidence rate. Qualtrics Panel will then provide a project manager who will handle the study. This individual will also receive from Qualtrics bi-annual summaries of funds remaining, and can request additional account status summaries as needed.

Application Assessment

When evaluating applications, the committee will be guided by the consideration described in the “Application and use procedures” document.