Interpersonal Communication

OSU’s School of Communication is highly ranked in the area of interpersonal communication, with an active core of faculty and students exploring the psychological, relational, discursive, environmental, and cultural factors that influence dynamic message exchanges among individuals for the purpose of creating shared meaning. Research focuses on interpersonal and communication processes in various communication activities, such as discussion and decision-making, and in various contexts, such as in health and new media.

Selected graduate seminars in this area include Foundations of Interpersonal Communication, Health Communication in Interpersonal Contexts, Interpersonal Communication in Online Contexts, Interpersonal Discussion and Politics, Intergroup Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Language and Social Interaction, and Organizational Communication. Program graduates pursue academic careers as well as professional careers in the corporate sector, non-profit organizations, and health-care organizations.

Faculty that work with graduate students in this area include: