New Hire Announcements: Autumn 2016

Richard HuskeyRichard Huskey: Assistant Professor
Richard Huskey was previously employed at the Department of Communication at University of California Santa Barbara, where he was a PhD student.

Huskey will be an assistant professor at Ohio State in the fall. He will be teaching COMM 3513: Video Games and the Individual in fall 2016. He will also be conducting research, which includes applying cognitive neuroscience to understand communication processes. Huskey is particularly interested in questions such as, What makes media enjoyable and how is this enabled by the brain? Or, can we use the brain to better design persuasive messages? Translated, this means that if you participate in one of his studies, you will most likely get to play a video game while he scans your brain!

Richard Huskey is also an avid snowboarder, backpacker, hiker, and runner. He generally enjoys the outdoors, and he also loves burritos. 

He is mostly excited to work with the terrific faculty and students when he arrives at Ohio State! 


Joseph BayerJoseph Bayer: Assistant Professor
Joseph Bayer grew up in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. He received his bachelor's degree at the University of Pittsburgh. In his free time, he plays soccer and seeks out as much new music as possible. He also has an oddly strong love for eating pierogis.

Currently, Bayer is finishing his PhD in communication at the University of Michigan before he moves to Columbus in July, and he fully expects his share of athletic insults in the coming year as he transitions into a Buckeye-Wolverine. 

Starting in August, Bayer will be an assistant professor in the School of Communication with a focus on teaching social media research methods and analytics. In addition to teaching, his research agenda concentrates on understanding how people interpret social media and perceive their personal social networks.

One thing he loves about Ohio State is the strong history of media psychology research. He is also looking forward to checking out the Columbus music scene.

Osei AppiahOsei Appiah: Professor and Associate Director of the School of Communication
Osei Appiah’s name is Ghanaian. He was named after an Ashanti warrior in African history and it means destined for big things. 

He grew up in Long Beach, CA., where he went to elementary, middle school, and high school. He received a basketball scholarship to attend Santa Clara University. There, he first majored in accounting prior to switching to communication. He holds a BA in communication from Santa Clara University, an MS in communication from Cornell University, and a PhD in communication from Stanford University. His professional experience includes market research at Yankelovich Partners, Inc., product marketing and customer research at Apple Computer, Inc., and sports marketing at Nike, Inc. He also worked as a professor-in-residence and a multi-cultural media consultant for Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency in New York.

Currently, he is the professor and chair of the Department of Advertising at Temple University. He oversees 12 full-time faculty members and 48 adjuncts. His new title at Ohio State will be professor and associate director of the School of Communication. 

Osei Appiah is looking forward to Tommy’s and Adriatico’s pizza, Buckeye sports, walking on the Oval and talking research with his colleagues at Ohio State. He is also excited to work with students, particularly those in the Black Advertising and Strategic Communication Association (BASCA) at Ohio State.  


Hyun Suk KimHyun Suk Kim: Assistant Professor
Hyun Suk Kim holds BA and MA degrees in communication from Seoul National University in South Korea, and a PhD (also in communication) from University of Pennsylvania. He was born and lived in South Korea until he moved to Philadelphia to enter a PhD program at Penn State and his family is currently living in South Korea. Kim is a big fan of classical music, jazz, thriller movies and baseball (but he feels that he will become a football fan when he moves to Ohio State). 

Hyun Suk Kim has been working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Annenberg School for Communication at Penn. One of his postdoctoral research projects focused on a data-intensive predictive modeling approach to improve the effectiveness of tobacco control messaging.  

Hyun Suk Kim will be an assistant professor with the School of Communication, teaching Health Communication in Mass Mediated Contexts in fall 2016. At Ohio State, he also plans to develop a research program integrating the areas of viral and persuasive communication. He will seek to identify content features that make health messages both viral and persuasive, thereby maximizing their effectiveness in promoting healthy behaviors.

Ultimately, Hyun Suk Kim is excited to experience everything there is to being a Buckeye when he starts his new position at Ohio State! 

Compiled by student Krista Bliumentalis