Undergrad Spotlight: Jasmine Hilton (BA, Strategic Communication and Journalism, '21)

Born in Westerville, Ohio, and raised in Maryland, Jasmine Hilton always knew she wanted to be a Buckeye. As a journalism and strategic communication double major, Hilton’s workload is anything but easy.

Ohio State provides her with plenty of opportunities to network and learn. This was the main reason she chose the university in the first place.

“In any career, it is critical to maintain contacts to help build your network. This goes for anyone hoping to continue to grow in their field,” she said.

Hilton is the special projects editor for The Lantern, where she covers narrative stories and investigative journalism.

“I do a lot of long form investigative stories each semester. I love it,” she said.  

Jasmine Hilton

When not staying up late on editing nights, Hilton also serves as the marketing chair for the National Association of Black Journalists. Hilton handles all media-related tasks for the student organization. 

Both of these organizations require a dedicated time commitment, but that is no issue for Hilton because she loves her work. She also enjoys her role as a part-time editorial assistant for Ohio State’s brand marketing team. 

“The time commitments can get very stressful, but it is always very rewarding because I know that I am doing it for a purpose,” Hilton said. 

This summer Hilton had an internship in Washington, D.C., with NBC News. She worked with WRC-TV, which is a direct affiliate of NBC News and one of 11 NBC stations in the country. 

She shadowed producers, editors and news anchors at NBC while working directly with associates at the affiliate station. 

“The program is so inclusive,” Hilton said. “I got to see what the network interns did, but I also got a very hands-on experience.” 

Hilton’s workdays were always busy, but she loved that no two days were the same. She went out with reporters, filmed her own stand-up, wrote a script and made a news package. 

“You need someone to create content that not only is fast and accessible, but you need to feel it,” Hilton said. 

On the more relaxed days, she would stay in and shadow executives in the studio. From production technicians to anchors, she loved learning more about the process. 

“It was very hands-on as far as learning how to report a story and learning how to tell a story,” Hilton said. 

One of her favorite memories was when she got to practice as the meteorologist off camera to help the technology director adjust to the new weather system.

“I would just say whatever came to my mind, but I know I wanted to do it to the best of my abilities,” she said.

When not on the job, Hilton said she loved visiting the Smithsonians, getting pizza and shopping at local small businesses and boutiques. 

Hilton loved everything her internship had to offer, from assignments to networking, and the welcoming culture she was immersed in each day.

“I love NBC’s values; they value diversity, inclusion,” Hilton said. “They are thinking of the future.”

After graduation, she plans to go into digital media and enterprise reporting and ultimately work as a multimedia storyteller. 

“I hope that my experiences and skills will help me enter into a digital realm with a major network,” she said. “Anywhere where I can tell stories and immerse myself in the story.” 

While Hilton is still learning at Ohio State, she is also excited about her future career path.

“Keep your head up and encourage yourself,” Hilton says to her fellow students. “There’s another opportunity right around the corner.”

Jasmine Hilton NBC4

Article by student Lila Kratsas.